Digital Passport ID card Beta
What is the Digital Passport ID card?

Open Platform with Digital passport supports blockchain developers, digital asset issuers and businesses to freely apply and list their custom digital assets onto Pundi X’s payment ecosystem, including XWallet, XPOS, and XPASS cards. Developers and merchants can now easily make their digital assets available to serve various offline and online payment scenarios. The Open Platform with Digital passport will first support ERC20 tokens and later expand to digital assets of other blockchain.

Why Digital Passport ID card Open Platform?

To provide developers increased use cases and token user base by supporting offline and online payment of their custom tokens in Pundi X‘s ecosystem.

To provide token holders and users more places and scenarios to use their various digital assets easily.

To encourage merchants to adopt digital asset payment, from various ERC20 tokens and various custom-made cards, to other digital assets on different blockchains.

Advantages for blockchain developers

Little to no product development costs. Developers, token issuers, or merchants will be able to circulate their digital assets throughout Pundi X’s global network or in their own private network. You can easily access both online and offline crypto users to grow your user base while harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

Benefits to users

Tokens listed on Pundi X Open Platform will comply with global security and compliance standards. Users will have peace of mind when using tokens across XWallet, XPOS, XPASS - making blockchain-based digital assets a choice for everyday payment.

Increased NPXS utilization

Developers will be required to use NPXS as processing fees and deposit as well as fees to purchase XPASS card and other value-added services.