Digital Passport ID card Beta
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What is the Digital Passport ID card?

Digital Passport can be used also for another pet. Each horse has a unique wallet address that allows owners to make purchases and have a clear history of purchases that made this app correlate with other HorseChain apps.

Why Digital Passport ID card Open Platform?
  • The platform will enable horse owners and horse enthusiasts to use multiple number of services that going to help them to explore the new industry.

  • The platform will also allow them to use the Blockchain technology to make transactions, simply each horse will have certain wallet address.

  • This further will extend the utility of our HRS tokens which is specially designed to help horses and horse enthusiasts around the globe.

  • Horse people and enthusiasts who intended to use our services will be required to hold certain amounts of HRS to account for the service integration to our platforms, dapps we provides.

  • Issues virtual card (Digital Passport).

  • Create modern horse biography, includes (medical records).

  • Trace financial records using block chain technology.

  • use multiple services in future, new generation of equine industry.